Piers Morgan


Google pulls ads from Piers Morgan's Daily Mail article about Simone Biles: According to a report at Reclaim the Net, Google took punitive action against an opinion piece written by Piers Morgan for the Daily Mail. In the article, he criticized Simone Biles for withdrawing from the Olympic competition. Titled "Sorry Simone Biles, but there's nothing heroic or brave about quitting because you're not having 'fun' - you let down your teammates, your fans and your country," Morgan goes on to question how Biles, who he admits is a "great ... champion," can refer to herself as a a "GOAT," a sports term for "greatest of all time," when she quit under pressure. Google, according to the Reclaim the Net reporting, sent Morgan a notice that it was disabling ads on the article, citing its "dangerous or derogatory content" policy. Morgan claimed that his article did not meet Google's own definition of this policy, and said that "[i]t's hard not to escape the conclusion that the company only intervened with the Biles column because I was criticising a black woman and woke Twitter said that was racist without any evidence to support that claim. And if that is true, it's utterly shameful." Morgan went on to criticize Google's silencing of free speech, according to Reclaim the Net. "In a democracy, I'm allowed to say that Simone Biles wasn't a hero for quitting. But by banning advertising because I expressed that opinion, Google is effectively saying that the only opinion they will ternate on their platform is that Simone Biles IS a hero for quitting." As of publication of this case, there are large blank advertising spots on the article where there are typically ads.