Beautiful Blue Eyes


Facebook bans ads for Holocaust movie, later lifts restriction: Facebook prohibited filmmakers from advertising their Holocaust movie, as reported by Rolling Stone, Ars Technica, and Daily Mail. The movie was titled Beautiful Blue Eyes. Facebook claimed the movie's title violated the platform's policy against content that "includes direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person's race." The filmmakers appealed Facebook's decision. The platform responded, "After a requested review of your Facebook account, we confirmed it didn't comply with our Advertising Policies or other standards," the notice said according Rolling Stone.

Film director Joshua Newton told Rolling Stone, "Every decent and sane human being on this planet should be alarmed by Meta-Facebook’s ban on the advertising of a Holocaust-related film. Mark Zuckerberg has created a monster that has no oversight. It’s one thing to be flagged by an algorithm. It’s another for Meta-Facebook employees to review the flag and uphold it, knowing full well that the title is not discriminatory and that the film is Holocaust-related.”

After Rolling Stone's article, a Meta spokesperson told Ars Technica that it "reviewed the ads and page in question and determined that the enforcement was made in error, so we lifted the restriction."