Nine Line Apparel


Facebook rejects Nine Line Apparel's Hurricane Ian relief ad: Facebook rejected Nine Line Apparel's ad, according to the brand's email newsletter. Nine Line Apparel created an ad promoting its "Florida Strong" t-shirt design. 100% of the shirt's profits were donated to Hurricane Ian relief and recovery efforts. Facebook claimed the ad "may have been rejected because it mentions politicians or is about sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion, how people vote and may impact the outcome of an election or pending legislation." In an email about the incident, Nine Line Apparel said, "we aren't sure when humanitarian aid and being our brother's keeper became a political stance, but to say we are frustrated is an understatement."

A Meta spokesperson told MRC Free Speech America, "In this case, the advertiser marked the ad political in nature when submitting it for approval. Running such ads requires prior authorization and because the advertiser had not gone through that process, the ad was rejected. Given that the ad is in fact not a political ad, all the advertiser needs to do is submit the ad again without marking it political."

Nine Line Apparel CEO Tyler Merritt rejected Facebook's claim during a Fox & Friends interview, saying the brand never marked the ad as political. He said his company simply wanted to bring "cash and resources" to those impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Merritt told Fox & Friends that Nine Line Apparel tried to appeal Facebook's decision. It is unclear if the appeal was successful.