Independent Women's Forum


YouTube restricted the Independent Women's Forum from making ads from its Identity Crisis series: Independent Women's Forum made a series called "Identity Crisis" interviewing women who transitioned to appear as men and then detransitioned. In one video the organization interviewed a mother of a teen whose school began socially transitioning her daughter without her mother's knowledge. IWF attempted to use the series to create ads on YouTube but the platform restricted the ads claiming that the the video was "not eligible" under the "Health in personalized advertising" policy. The platform claimed it restricts "Physical or mental health conditions, including diseases, sexual health, and chronic health conditions, which are health conditions that require long-term care or management," and "Products, services, or procedures to treat or manage chronic health conditions, which includes over-the-counter medications and medical devices." The platform reportedly, however, allowed Planned Parenthood to create cartoon ads that pushed for puberty blockers. IWF also reported having similar issues on TikTok and it's ad distribution platform Ad Roll.