YouTube is the second most popular website in the world, behind Google. Alphabet owns both. YouTube has tremendous power to control information for its roughly 1.7 billion monthly users or more.

Although YouTube claims not to control information in a politically biased way, the site axed hundreds of campaign ads for former President Donald Trump and demonetized and suppressed conservative content, including content posted by pundits and pro-lifers. It also strictly limits firearms-related content. YouTube funds left-wing media initiatives, works diligently to “make sure that there's no bias” against the LGBTQ community and uses the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center as a “Trusted Flagger” to eliminate supposedly hateful content.

Most of the site’s censorship comes through enforcement of YouTube policies, which are in themselves biased against the right. It has rules for firearms, so-called hate speech and harassment and can enforce them by video removal, age restriction, demonetization, account suspensions and bans. And that doesn’t even touch the potential for algorithmic biases (which the company denies exist). Once videos get removed, there’s very little chance of reinstatement, according to a 2020 company report.

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