Freedom Speaks Up


Twitter rejects ad for Let’s Go Brandon wrapping paper: Freedom Speaks Up CEO Seth Weathers tweeted Nov. 26, in reply to a tweet by Twitter owner Elon Musk, “Would love to advertise on Twitter but a manual review of our ad says it’s Inappropriate Content & we must delete See the alleged inappropriate ad… it’s for Let’s Go Brandon Christmas Wrapping Paper.” He added, “Help?”  Weathers included a screenshot of the rejected ad and Twitter message.  The ad showed a wrapped Christmas present and said, “Let’s Go Brandon Christmas Wrapping Paper is back in stock!”  The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” is used by some conservatives to stand for “f—- Joe Biden.”  Twitter’s message rejecting the ad said, “Our team manually reviewed your content and confirmed that it violates our Inappropriate Content policy.”  The message said this could include “Inflammatory or demeaning content,” and “Dangerous or violent content.”