Ninety-two percent of all web searchers turn to one place: That’s what makes the trillion-dollar company’s bias so dangerous. The most popular website in the world and the employees behind it are biased against President Donald Trump, conservative news sources and conservative commentators. They even design and tweak algorithms to provide answers the liberals at Google think are the correct ones.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he was “deeply offended” by Trump’s election and sensed other Googlers were “pretty upset and pretty sad,” too, so it is little surprise that undercover video revealed employees trying to stop a 2020 reelection by various means. Google and sister company YouTube removed 300 Trump reelection ads in 2019 with little to no explanation of what policies they violated. Project Veritas even caught Google’s head of responsible innovation Jen Gennai boasting about how Google, not smaller companies, could be responsible for “preventing the next Trump situation,” and it could do so by training search algorithms. A Wall Street Journal investigation also confirmed this hands-on manipulation of information.

Research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein has called Google the “world’s biggest censor” and a “master manipulator.” He’s written about nine different blacklists the company maintains and testified to Congress that his research dating back to 2016 shows Google displays content biased in favor of Democrats.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google products also steer people to liberal news sources. When Northwestern’s Computational Journalism Lab audited Google News’ “Top Stories,” it found 62.4 percent of article impressions from left-leaning sources. That was more than five times as many impressions from right-leaning media. There was also only one neutral or right-leaning source (Fox News) among the entire top 20. CNN dominated with three times as many impressions as Fox.

When liberals complain, Google listens. Its denial of ad services to right-wing ZeroHedge was the result of left-wing pressure over comments, not content. Google threatened The Federalist with the same demonetization, but it dodged the financial blow by removing comments. Outraged by Google’s behavior, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called it hypocrisy since Google doesn’t even police comments on YouTube that way.

He told Fox & Friends, "Big Tech gets a special immunity from liability that nobody else gets. And the reason they get it is that Congress believed they would be neutral public forums.” Since they are not acting neutral, Cruz argued they should be stripped of this immunity.

Former employees also say the company culture is hostile to conservatives. Three former employees accused the company of firing them over political speech. James Damore was fired after he argued internally against Google’s diversity policies in a memo, which was later leaked. He sued Google, but dropped the suit in 2020 — possibly after a quiet settlement. Kevin Cernekee says his views landed him on a senior manager’s “blacklist” and got him reprimanded repeatedly. In 2018, he was fired — allegedly for misuse of equipment. He says his views were the real cause. His complaints led to The National Labor Relations Board ruling that Google cannot prevent employees from speaking to the media about their employment.

Here is more proof Google censors and suppresses information against conservatives:

  • Google banned ZeroHedge from using Google Ads because of hateful, racial comments left on articles (not from its own content) in June 2020. The bullying tactic forced The Federalist to remove similar comments.
  • CBS 60 Minutes found that Google and YouTube took down more than 300 Trump video ads in 2019. It did not explain how the ads violated company policy. 
  • A Wall Street Journal investigation in November 2019 proved that despite Google’s claims of not using “human curation,” humans are very involved in creating blacklists, tweaking algorithms and making other changes to what people see.
  • Kevin Cernekee, who was fired by Google, has said it took nine months for Google to resolve a problem he found in searches for Trump’s book, “Crippled America.” He also said Google had been returning the book Mein Kampf as a search result instead. “They just stalled at every opportunity,” he said in a September 2019 National Interest story.
  • PragerU had ongoing problems with YouTube age-restricting its conservative educational videos in August 2019, making them unavailable in schools, libraries and any home that uses a filter to block pornographic or violent content. It lost a lawsuit against Google and YouTube over that censorship in 2020.
  • Recode reported in August 2019 the company is offering employees fewer ways to discuss controversial views, including taking away opportunities to ask managers questions on the spot and moderating internal mailing lists.
  • A Google insider told Project Veritas in June 2019, “They are a highly biased political machine that is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.” This whistleblower also shared documents showing how Google’s Machine Learning Fairness was biased against conservatives.
  • Of the $3.7 million Google employees gave to 2018 candidates, 96% went to Democrats, according to an October 2018 story in Recode.
  • The company in May 2018 blamed “vandalism” at the George Soros-funded Wikipedia for Google search linking the California GOP to “Nazism.”
  • In January 2018, The Daily Caller found Google added fact-checks to search listings of many conservative websites (like its own). They found the so-called fact-checks were riddled with “misattribution and misrepresentation,” and that Google had not added this feature to any prominent liberal media sources.
  • Google fired Kevin Cernekee in 2018, for misuse of equipment. Cernekee denies the allegation and blames his firing on his outspoken conservative views. Engineer James Damore was fired in 2017 after he wrote a memo criticizing Google’s political correctness and diversity efforts.
  • The European Union fined Google $2.7 billion for manipulating search results in favor of its own services in June 2017, which is illegal under EU antitrust laws.
  • Research psychologist Robert Epstein has said that in 2016, Google influenced 2.6 million voters for Hillary Clinton. He also exposed Google’s use of multiple blacklists to censor content. Epstein found Google maintains an autocomplete, Google Maps, YouTube, Google accounts, News, Adwords, Adsense and search engine blacklist as well as a “quarantine list” of websites. 

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