Ninety-two percent of all web searchers turn to one place: That’s what makes the trillion-dollar company’s bias so dangerous. The most popular website in the world and its employees are biased against conservative news sources and conservative commentators. Google even designs and tweaks algorithms to provide answers the liberals at Google supposedly think are correct.

Research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein has called Google the “world’s biggest censor” and a “master manipulator.” He’s written that the company maintains about nine different blacklists, and testified to Congress that his research dating back to 2016 shows Google displays content biased in favor of Democrats.

Alphabet, Inc.’s Google products also steer people to liberal news sources. When Northwestern’s Computational Journalism Lab audited Google News’ “Top Stories,” it found 62.4 percent of article impressions from left-leaning sources. That was more than five times as many impressions from right-leaning media. There was also only one neutral or right-leaning source (Fox News) among the entire top 20. CNN dominated, getting three times as many impressions as Fox.

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