Facebook bans, then restores ads for breastfeeding shirt company: Bshirt, which sells clothes specially designed to facilitate breastfeeding, reportedly lost half of its revenue when Facebook banned the company's ads for supposedly violating the platform's nudity policy, Reclaim The Net said. Facebook's automated moderation system did previously flag Bshirt's ads for supposedly violating the nudity policy. Bshirt co-founder Lisa Lessware said an appeal and human review from Facebook always solved the problem before but that Facebook doubled down on its permanent ban this time. "We’re utterly beholden to these social media giants and they don’t give a toss if they are making lives miserable or not." Bshirt paid £500 to Admission, a company that helps reverse Facebook bans, and Bshirt is once again allowed to advertise on Facebook, Reclaim The Net said. Meta reportedly said the censorship was an "error."