Although not always overtly political, Amazon is definitively liberal. It has rejected conservative films, tried to inhibit conservative book sales by blocking ads and relied on left-wing, anti-Christian zealots to decide which charities qualify for AmazonSmile.

Conservative groups petitioned Amazon’s board to stop letting the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) determine AmazonSmile eligibility. The company refused even though the SPLC considers conservative and Christian groups who support traditional marriage to be “hate or terrorist” groups. Floyd Lee Corkins, who entered and shot a guard at the Family Research Council in 2012, told the FBI he went to the SPLC’s website (which includes a map of so-called hate groups) to find anti-gay targets.

Because Amazon is exactly that, an “Amazon” of a company, it has tremendous power. What began as an online bookseller grew into a retail and tech powerhouse, which turned founder into one of the richest men alive. It also creates original programming, decides what content is sold on its platforms and owns Twitch — a streaming site best known for gaming.

Amazon is worth more than $1 trillion. Bezos used some of his Amazon bounty to become a media mogul, buying the liberal Washington Post in 2013. After Trump became president, The Post unveiled the motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

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