Andrew Meyer


Amazon bans book written by Conservative Andrew Meyer, known as the guy from the 'DON'T TASE ME BRO!' meme, in 'error': Andrew Meyer is known all over the internet as the guy from the notorious "DON'T TASE ME BRO!" meme. The meme originated from hard-to-watch video footage of Meyer being arrested and ultimately shot with a taser by police for trying to ask a guest speaker, then-U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, questions during a campus event. Meyer reportedly asked a series of questions, including why Kerry had conceded while running for president in 2004 and why then-President George W. Bush didn't get impeached when so many legislators were against his decision to go to war, according to The Washington Post. "Amazon didn't say why they banned the book," Meyer told the Gateway Pundit, "but I wrote about the successful 2018 Stop the Steal campaign which saved Governor DeSantis from being cheated the way Trump was. A similar comment got me banned from Twitter.” Due to Amazon's decision, Meyer chose to give his book away for free on his website. However, according to Meyer, after the Gateway Pundit published a story about the book's ban, Breitbart reporter Allum Bokhari reached out to Amazon about the situation and the book was restored. "This book was removed in error and is now available for sale," said a screenshot of Amazon's response to Bokhari's inquiry. "We have notified the author."