Matt Walsh


Amazon reportedly removed ads for Matt Walsh's book Johnny the Walrus for being inappropriate for certain audiences: Daily Wire host Matt Walsh tweeted that Amazon "pulled all ads for Johnny The Walrus," a children's book he wrote about a child who thinks he is a walrus, and his mom who begins treating him as if he is a walrus. The book is meant to parallel transgender-identifying children and how adults treat them. Walsh tweeted that "They've also removed it from the children's category and labeled it political commentary." Amazon reportedly removed ads for the book because they do "not comply with [Amazon's] current Creative Acceptance Policies," according to a screenshot of the message that Walsh included in his tweet. The notice explained:

"Your ad is not appropriate for all audiences. To ensure a good customer experience, we reserve the right to restrict ads that contain elements that may not be appropriate for all audiences. This may include erotica; content on sexual preferences such as BDSM; incestuous relationships; sexual contact with person(s) under the age of 18; self-help content (such as dating, get-rich-quick, or weight-loss books); or content that promotes, endorses, or incites potentially dangerous or harmful activity."

It is unclear how Walsh's children's book violated the policy. Amazon had not responded to MRC CensorTrack's request for comment at the time of publishing.

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