America's Frontline Doctors


Amazon bans America's Frontline Doctors from using its web hosting services over supposed misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines: America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is a nonprofit founded by Dr. Simone Gold, and is one of the leading groups challenging the left's extreme narratives about COVID-19 and how to treat it. AFLDS describes itself as being committed to "Providing Americans with science-based facts about COVID-19" and "Fighting medical cancel culture and media censorship." The group was using a software service to manage and build out its website called Webflow, which according to Reclaim The Net, is hosted via Amazon Web Services (AWS). “We wanted to reach out to you about your project,," said a purported statement from Webflow, according to Reclaim The Net. "This project is hosting misinformation about vaccines and was reported as objectionable content to AWS. AWS is the service we use at Webflow to host our websites so we can no longer host" The move by AWS forced AFLDS to reconstruct its website from scratch using alternative servers. “We were forced to take immediate action because we will never allow Jeff Bezos and Amazon to censor us from speaking freely about medical treatments, medical studies and individual liberty, or from challenging the government narrative surrounding COVID-19 vaccines,” AFLDS reportedly said in a statement.           

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