American Principles Project

Account Disabled

American Principles Project censored by YouTube with no indication why: Pro-family conservative organization American Principles Project (APP) reported that it received an email from YouTube explaining that it had "removed" the channel for "severe or repeated violations of [the] Community Guidelines." The email did not note which videos were objectionable. It did not explain which guidelines were violated. While APP has been censored by Facebook in the past, this was its first violation with YouTube, which typically only results in a warning. YouTube's system of strikes then typically allows for three more violations within a 90 day period before a channel is removed entirely. Removing a channel on its first incident is unusual. YouTube responded to a request for comment from Free Speech America, explaining that APP's YouTube channel has been restored and a warning applied to the account. It further explained that the videos that caused the problem were clips of interviews of APP staff on the Steve Bannon War Room podcast, which has been previously banned from YouTube. The YouTube spokesperson stated that this is not permitted under its Community Guidelines. American Principles Project is a member of the Free Speech Alliance.