American Principles Project


Ad from American Principles Project (APP) removed from Facebook after fact-checker says there's 'no proof': An anti-Biden ad run by the American Principles Project that slams the 2020 Democrat presidential candidate for supporting "the BLM Organization that wants to keep Black men from raising their children," was removed from Facebook after fact-checker Lead Stories charged the ad with having "no proof." "Although Biden does lay out a plan on his website for addressing systemic racism, Lead Stories searched the BLM website and Google and found no instance of the candidate's formal endorsement of it," the fact-checking website said. "It has become abundantly clear that Washington must act to address the breathtaking power grab which Facebook and other Big Tech companies have recently undertaken in order to sway the election." APP Pac Executive Director Terry Schilling responded in a statement.  American Principles Project is a member of the Free Speech Alliance.