Gays Against Groomers

Account Disabled

Payment processor Stripe drops Gays Against Groomers: Gays Against Groomers said payment processing platform Stripe disabled the group's account. Users who attempted to donate to Gays Against Groomers through its Donorbox account received the message, "This Connect account cannot currently make live charges," according to a purported screenshot. Another purported screenshot showed that the group's charges and payouts were restricted. Gays Against Groomers said, "After contacting @Donorbox, they informed us that it was actually @stripe who terminated our account." Stripe reportedly told Gays Against Groomers the following day that the group's account was "incorrectly flagged as unsupportable." Gays Against Groomers tweeted, "So odd that pedophile and child mutilation and sterilization organizations never get 'incorrectly flagged,' isn't it?" When asked to comment on the situation, a Stripe spokesperson told MRC Free Speech America: "We do not comment on specific users, so I don't have any further details to share on this one."