Gays Against Groomers

Account Disabled

Google disables Gays Against Groomer's account: Google disabled Gays Against Groomer's account, according to a purported screenshot shared by the group. "It looks like [the account] was associated with multiple other accounts, or created by a program, and used to violate Google's policies," the notice said. It is unclear how Gays Against Groomers violated Google's policies. In a tweet about the incident, the group said, "Big tech is coordinating a massive attach on our organization for trying to protect children. THIS IS INSANE." Gays Against Groomers told The Federalist that Google restored the group's account following an appeal. A Google spokesperson told MRC Free Speech America, "Per our regular process, this account was temporarily suspended after it was automatically flagged under our policies prohibiting bulk account creation. Upon appeal and completion of a security check, we immediately reinstated the account."