Account Disabled

YouTube terminates channel of Christian media network theDove: A conglomerate of Christian news creators called theDove had its YouTube channel terminated after it received three community guideline strikes within 90 days for uploading content that violated YouTube's policies. A YouTube spokesperson told that it "terminated the channel theDove for repeatedly violating [its] COVID-19 misinformation and presidential election integrity policies." However, theDove believes it was targeted for the faith-based news perspective its content provides. Perry Atkinson, the CEO and President of theDove, said that YouTube did not mention a concern with religious content in its notice of removal. He added that theDove appealed all three of its strikes but each one was denied. In addition to losing their channel, theDove lost approximately 15,600 videos, according to Atkinson, who mentioned that he had already been in contact with multiple lawyers trying to figure out if there was any way to retrieve the lost videos. Even though Atkinson expressed dismay over why theDove's videos were flagged, according to KDRV, it did not come as too much of a surprise to him since theDove had been fielding an increased amount of complaints about its content following the election in November.