Steven Crowder


YouTube suspends comedian Steven Crowder for show promoting Elon Musk: Comedian, YouTuber and political commentator Steven Crowder was reportedly suspended from YouTube following his Louder with Crowder show headlined, "The LEFT Hates Elon Musk Because He's Too Based!" The show featured a parody song about a transgender individual in a romantic relationship and also discussed criticism author JK Rowling had received over her own comments on the issue. Crowder posted a snapshot of a notice from YouTube on Instagram, in which the platform stated: "Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our hate speech policy." YouTube removed the content from the platform. Crowder responded on Instagram, "Well well well… Rumble and #MugClub it is!! INCOMING!!! 10AM ET. #LwC." Blaze Media, where Crowder's show is streamed, released a statement Dec. 15 saying that Crowder had in fact been suspended from YouTube: "Louder with Crowder will NOT be shown on YouTube for the rest of the year. Why? Your guess is as good as Crowder's." This is not the first time Crowder has been on the receiving end of YouTube's censorship. CensorTrack has documented at least five other cases in 2021 alone of YouTube either deleting Crowder's content, demonetizing his channels or suspending him from the platform.