Steven Crowder

Deleted Content

YouTube deletes video from Steven Crowder that challenges many of the left's narratives about COVID-19: YouTube deleted a video uploaded by Steven Crowder that challenges many of the left's narratives about COVID-19. The video titled "LOCKDOWN ANNIVERSARY! Reviewing ALL the Lies and the Liars Who Told Them!" garnered over half a million views before it was deleted by YouTube for violating its medical misinformation policy. “This video violates our Covid-19 misinformation policy, which prohibits content claiming that the death rates of Covid-19 are less severe or equally as severe as the common cold or seasonal flu,” a YouTube spokesman wrote in a statement, according to Bloomberg. “As a result, the video was removed from Steven Crowder’s channel.” The video's deletion came shortly after Crowder's content earned him a week long suspension on Twitter. "Just got out of Twitter jail to find that YouTube deleted our hour-long COVID rebuttal episode," tweeted Crowder when he found out about YouTube's move to delete his video. "Honestly, I'd feel a little off if I woke up and I wasn't banned from something."