Steven Crowder


YouTube suspends Steven Crowder's channel, again: Comedian and conservative political commentator Steven Crowder has once again run afoul of YouTube, earning his second "hard strike." After one more strike, his channel, which has nearly 5.5 million subscribers, will be permanently removed, according to a notice he received from YouTube. Crowder reported that the problem, in YouTube's view, was an episode of his popular show, Louder with Crowder, titled "Wake Up! Columbus Police Shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant Was Justified!" The notice that Crowder received from YouTube about the incident stated that "[c]ontent containing targeted harassment including, but not limited to, stalking, threats, bullying, and intimidation is not allowed on YouTube." According to a post on Crowder's web site, his attorney received an email from YouTube further explaining that "[i]n particular, this video violated the aspect of the policy that prohibits 'content reveling in or mocking the death or serious injury of an identifiable individual.'" Crowder denied that his show violated any of these standards. As a result of the second strike, Crowder's YouTube channel has been suspended for two weeks. Crowder compiled a video that was included in the post on his web site about the incident which showed other "entertainers" mocking and calling for violence against other individuals, all of which are still actively available on YouTube, despite its claim to disallow "targeted harassment." Crowder's secondary YouTube channel, CrowderBits, with nearly one million subscribers, also received a hard strike and a one week suspension over the same content, according to the post on Crowder's site. The channel publishes highlight clips from the longer Louder with Crowder show. YouTube previously demonetized both of these channels for other violations.