Steven Crowder


YouTube demonetizes two channels belonging to conservative content creator Steven Crowder: YouTube has said in an email to Steven Crowder's legal counsel that advertiser pressure, as well as violations of the platform's community guidelines and repeated violations of its monetization policies, has led to the demonetization of Steven Crowder's channel(s). "Unfortunately, in recent months the Steven Crowder channel has incurred two violations identified to date of our Community Guidelines and repeated violations of our monetization policies, including those related to misinformation and incendiary and demeaning content," YouTube said in the email. "We have also recently received renewed advertiser criticism about content on the Steven Crowder channel. We have a responsibility to ensure that our community is safe for creators, viewers, and advertisers." This is the second time Crowder's main YouTube channel has been demonetized. It took roughly a year to become eligible again after it happened the first time. Crowder's backup channel "Crowder Bits" has also been demonetized, according to an article on Crowder's main channel has approximately 5.39 million subscribers and his Crowder Bits channel has about 885,000 subscribers. With such a large audience, Crowder's channels have clearly been a big source of revenue for him. This move from YouTube comes around the same time it also suspended Crowder's main YouTube channel from uploading any new content, or live streaming for a week.