Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT)


GoFundMe shuts down fundraiser for group of Virginia parents fighting the infusion of critical race theory in their local public schools: GoFundMe has shut down a fundraiser for Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT), a group attempting to stem the teaching of critical race theory in its local school district. The fundraising platform did not specify which terms of service the fundraiser violated, but informed the fundraiser's creator in a termination email that it was taken down because it constituted "prohibited conduct," according to the Washington Free Beacon. Scott Mineo started his fundraiser in March after a Facebook group called Anti-Racist Parents of Loudon County initiated what The Free Beacon called an "intimidation campaign" against PACT and other similar parent groups. After the fundraiser had raised approximately $4,000 a former county school board "equity committee member" urged other current committee members and the school board to report the page. Three days later it was taken down. Mineo said that the move to report his GoFundMe page proves that critical race theory advocates in his county are worried about opposition to their views. "[The district] pissed off a lot of people that were very supportive and this was a grave mistake on their part," Mineo said, according to The Free Beacon. "At the end of the day, it further underscores the level of deception they are engaged in. Otherwise, why shut them down?"