Elizabeth Heng


GoFundMe shuts down fundraiser for new free speech friendly tech company: Elizabeth Heng is the CEO of a new free speech focused small business called The New Internet. It's a "browser platform that allows users to make comments on any social media handles, posts or website without being censored," described Heng in a video she posted to Twitter after GoFundMe shut down her fundraiser for her new venture. "I am furious. GoFundMe just banned the fundraising campaign for my new Freedom of Speech tech company called 'The New Internet'," Heng wrote in a statement shared on Twitter. "This is the third time these Tech giants have stifled my voice," she went on in her statement. "When I ran for Congress in 2018 and simply wanted to tell my family's American Dream story of coming to the United States as penniless refugees, Facebook and Twitter banned my ability to advertise this campaign calling my family's story of living through genocide 'obscene' and 'obnoxious'." GoFundMe cited violations of their terms of service under "prohibited content," but provided no further details about why it had shutdown Heng's fundraiser, according to Reclaim The Net. Heng also shared on Twitter that press release distributor PR Newswire cancelled The New Internet's press release on free speech "because it was 'Too Hot of a Topic.'"