Crossroads Church


YouTube temporarily restricts promotion of Easter video that included reenactments of Jesus' crucifixion: Crossroads Church said that YouTube (and Facebook) "flagged" their Easter video for violence. The video included reenactments of Jesus' crucifixion. YouTube said the video was "Appearing to profit from a tragic event with no discernible benefit to users," according to a blog post from the church's community pastor Kyle Ranson. Crossroads appealed YouTube's restriction blocking the video from being promoted. The appeal was approved and the video was allowed to be promoted, according to Ranson. "YouTube, however, did flag another section of our video for COVID misinformation," Ranson also wrote. "It referenced an article from Scientific American about the negative mental health effects of the pandemic." According to Ranson the video from Crossroads simply agreed with the article's findings and pointed out the difficult time everyone has had during the pandemic. "In the end, to ensure we had an Easter video published in time, we edited that section out," said Ranson.