Eric Spracklen

Unsafe Link Warning

Twitter labeled GiveSendGo fundraising link for Project Veritas's Pfizer whistleblower "unsafe": Guerilla journalism organization Project Veritas released another video in its #COVIDVaxExposed series featuring an alleged Pfizer Quality Auditor whistleblower. The organization set up a GiveSendGo fundraiser for the whistleblower to help aid with any legal or financial issues she might have after she leaves her job, consistent with how it has handled similar situations in the past. Twitter flagged some versions of the fundraising link and users were met with a notice that read, "[w]arning: this link may be unsafe." At least one commenter on Project Veritas's Eric Spracklen's tweet speculated that the warning came up because the link's URL was an "http://" link instead of an "https://" link signifying that it was a safe link. However, another user who tweeted the link experienced the same notice even with the allegedly safer link. The issue is not a universal problem with as links to many other fundraisers lead to the site without a problem.