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Unsafe Link Warning

Excerpt from: Twitter Restricts Link to PJ Media Article Questioning FBI Motives for Trump Raid

Catherine Salgado

Shielding the FBI? Twitter restricted the link to a PJ Media article questioning the FBI’s motives for raiding former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

Bestselling author and PJ Media columnist Matt Margolis wrote an article for PJ Media titled, “Is This Proof the Mar-a-Lago Raid Was a Fishing Expedition?” In the article, Margolis pointed to comments from Trump’s lawyers and a Fox News report suggesting that the “revelations that the FBI took boxes of privileged documents supports the theory that the raid was a pretext” to search for other information to undermine Trump’s defense about the events of Jan. 6, rather than truly to seize “classified” documents.

Twitter apparently objected to Margolis’s speculative critique of the FBI, however, because the platform restricted the tweeted article link. “Warning: this link may be unsafe” or “potentially spammy,” read the Twitter warning that came up after clicking the link.