Dan Bongino


Online advertising platform terminates agreement with Dan Bongino: A platform that publishers like conservative pundit Dan Bongino can use to display ads on their websites has terminated its agreement with domains associated with Bongino. "The tech tyrants strike again. They’re doubling down on their war on speech. Here’s an email from the tyrants at .@Outbrain who canceled services on our websites for spurious reasons," tweeted Bongino. The tweet contained a screenshot of an email sent to Bongino's team. "It has come to our attention that some of the content on one or more of the domains associated with your account are in violation of the terms of our agreement," the email says. "As such, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 8.1, we have decided to immediately suspend your use of the Outbrain Technology and to terminate our agreement effective as of November 24, 2020." Matt Palumbo, the content manager at Bongino's "Bongino Report" said he has no idea what content supposedly violated Outbrain's terms of service and "can only speculate that it’s for purely ideological reasons," he wrote in a piece for Bongino.com. "If you’re running a conservative website, you’ve been warned about Outbrain. More on my show today," Bongino tweeted.