Tom Olohan
MRC Free Speech America & MRC Business Staff Writer

Tom Olohan joined the Media Research Center as a Staff Writer for MRC Free Speech America and MRC Business in April 2023. Previously Tom worked for America Rising as a Field Researcher and Media Monitoring Associate and interned with Heritage Action and AIPAC.  He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2016 before graduating from Boston College in 2018 with an M.A. in Political Philosophy. 

Tom Olohan | June 21, 2024

Adam Laxalt, the former Nevada attorney general and Mountain States Legal Foundation co-counsel denounced the Biden-led Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Fox Business.

During the June 18 edition of The Bottom Line with Dagen and…

Tom Olohan | June 20, 2024

The climate change cult is alive and well in legacy media. ABC News’s Good Morning America wants Americans to give up paper towels to “help the planet.” 

During the June 18 edition of Good Morning America, Chief Climate Correspondent…

Tom Olohan | June 11, 2024

The Atlantic has an absurd message for struggling Americans: the economy isn’t just not bad, it’s the “Taylor Swift” and “Lebron James” of economies. 

In a June 10 article for The Atlantic headlined “The U.S. Economy Reaches…

Tom Olohan | June 10, 2024

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis noted how the left threatens Americans' safety through Soros-backed prosecutors after nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin brought up the left’s war on the middle class.

During an appearance on the…

Tom Olohan | June 7, 2024

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) didn’t hesitate to choose his constituents over a CNN audience. 

During the June 6 edition of The Lead with Jake Tapper, CNN anchor Jake Tapper attempted to guilt trip Youngkin over his decision…

Tom Olohan | June 7, 2024

In New York Times columnist Paul Krugman’s latest Bidenomics propaganda piece, he reveals the extent of his delusional state when he actually characterized the president’s economy as a “success.” 

Krugman published a June 3 op-ed…