Tom Olohan
MRC Free Speech America & MRC Business Staff Writer

Tom Olohan joined the Media Research Center as a Staff Writer for MRC Free Speech America and MRC Business in April 2023. Previously Tom worked for America Rising as a Field Researcher and Media Monitoring Associate and interned with Heritage Action and AIPAC.  He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2016 before graduating from Boston College in 2018 with an M.A. in Political Philosophy. 

Tom Olohan | July 2, 2024

Wherever American energy production and innovation are on the rise, legacy media stands in opposition yelling “stop.”

In a July 1 segment of CBS Mornings, Environmental correspondent Ben Tracy aired out the frustrations of climate…

Tom Olohan, Gabriela Pariseau | June 28, 2024

President Biden trotted out a debunked smear against former President Donald Trump during their CNN debate last night. MRC Free Speech America had to press ChatGPT to admit Biden’s deception. 

After the debate, which was moderated by…

Tom Olohan | June 27, 2024

ABC News, CBS News and NBC News couldn’t care any less about a major scandal involving the Biden Administration’s collusion with a radical organization that apparently supports genital mutilation and chemical castration for children.


Tom Olohan | June 26, 2024

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spewed Biden campaign talking points during a Yahoo! Finance interview, leading to zero pushback or follow-up from her interviewer. 

During the June 24 interview, Yellen lifted common Biden campaign…

Tom Olohan | June 25, 2024

The Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles pointed to allegations of insane racial discrimination at the Walt Disney Corporation, calling for the end of American tolerance for discriminatory diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.…

Tom Olohan | June 21, 2024

Missouri AG Andrew Bailey has his sights set on punishing IBM executives who blatantly admitted to racial discrimination on video. 

The attorney general summed up the purpose of his lawsuit against IBM on the June 20 edition of…