Robert Gruler Esq. Live


YouTube suspends attorney for a week after he discussed Ivermectin during a live stream episode of his show: Attorney Robert F. Gruler runs a show on YouTube titled "Watching the Watchers" that "focuses on shining accountability and transparency on police, prosecutors, judges, and politicians." Gruler's show has garnered around 120,000 subscribers, and appears to mostly provide commentary on issues happening in the news. Gruler's channel was given a strike, which means his channel is suspended for a week from uploading any new content, over a video that challenged the left's orthodoxies about Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19. In the video, which YouTube also removed from its platform, Gruler discussed the media's bias towards Ivermectin, and why, in his opinion, that bias wrong. Gruler is a founding partner of R&R Law Group out of Scottsdale, Arizona, which is located in Arizona's 6th congressional district. Currently Rep. David Schweikert (R) serves that district in Arizona.  

Watch Gruler's full video on Rumble.