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YouTube censors Steven Crowder's channels for hosting a show with Dan Bongino: Steven Crowder co-hosted an episode of his show Louder with Crowder as a mashup episode with Dan Bongino's Bongino Report in one long doubleheader episode of both shows. During the joint show, the pair discussed elitism, police hand-to-hand combat, the manifesto of the transgender Nashville shooter, the Republican debate and reactions to the Israel-Gaza war. YouTube removed the video because Bongino was previously banned from YouTube. According to a screenshot of an email Crowder shared, YouTube claimed "Per our policies, if you post content previously removed for violating our Terms of Service, content produced by creators with a current restriction, or content creators who have been terminated under our Terms, the content may be removed and your account may be penalized. Dan Bongino's channel Dan Bongino, was terminated from YouTube in January." As a result the platform removed two of Crowder's videos, one from his Steven Crowder channel which received its first strike and was suspended for one week, and one on his Crowder Bits channel which received its second strike and was suspended for two weeks. The platform's three-strikes system allows for a warning and two strikes within a 90-day period before a third strike would remove a channel from the platform entirely.

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