Right Side Broadcasting Network


YouTube reportedly suspends Right Side Broadcasting Network shortly before its planned coverage of former President Trump's July 3rd Save America rally in Florida: Right Side Broadcasting (RSBN), a right-wing digital news platform, reportedly had its YouTube channel suspended from uploading or posting new content, or live streaming, for an entire week ahead of its coverage of a July 3rd Save America rally with former President Donald Trump. In YouTube's notice to RSBN, the platform flagged several videos, which the platform also deleted, of June Trump events uploaded to its platform by the digital news outlet. YouTube said the videos of rally footage violated its community guidelines around "Spam, deceptive practices and scams," a common justification YouTube has used to censor political content on its platform that the company disagrees with, or doesn't like. "The videos contain remarks from President Trump that violate the aforementioned policies and countervailing views on those remarks are not provided,” a YouTube representative said, according to an RSBN article about the incident. A tweet from RSBN's verified Twitter account also indicated YouTube's actions resulted in its channel receiving a "strike." Three "strikes" within a 90-day period and a channel can be permanently suspended. "The three videos had amassed millions of views," RSBN said in another follow up tweet, "with the Wellington, Ohio speech alone breaking 3 million earlier this week." RSBN's headquarters are based out of Alabama's third district, which is represented by Congressman Mike Rogers (R), and fellow Senators Richard Shelby (R) and Tommy Tuberville (R).