Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)

Sharing Restriction

Twitter restricts sharing of tweet from Rep. Thomas Massie discussing natural immunity to COVID-19: Republican congressman for Kentucky's 4th congressional district, Rep. Thomas Massie, posted a tweet promoting the efficacy of natural immunity against COVID-19, and rebuking the forcefulness associated with administering the COVID-19 vaccines to Americans. "Natural immunity >> vaccine immunity," read Massie's violating tweet that was flagged with a warning label for purportedly being misleading. "So why force or coerce those with natural immunity from prior infection into taking the vaccine[s]?" Within the tweet's warning label, Twitter indicated that "This tweet can't be replied to, shared, or liked." Massie also reported on Twitter that he was unable to see the 389 replies to his tweet, which made it through Twitter's gates before the platform shutdown commenting on it. "If you’re in Kentucky’s 4th district, your comments to your elected representative were hidden by Twitter," tweeted Massie following the incident.