Climate Change Dispatch

Fact Check

Facebook censors Climate Change Dispatch's account: Facebook censored Climate Change Dispatch, a "forum for the discussion of human-caused global warming, our ever-changing climate, plus environmental and science news." A user received a warning when attempting to share a Climate Change Dispatch post. The warning said, "This Page has repeatedly shared false information. Independent fact-checkers said the information is false." The pop-up required users to click through it in order to share the post. In a statement about the incident, Climate Change Dispatch said, "Users have alerted me that when they try to share a post from my page they get the 'misinformation' label. Please ignore it. Others have exposed how these are mere 'opinion' checkers, meaning in their opinion it's misinfo. Hardly. This has been a coordinated attack by outside groups to ban my site and get me booted. They (FB) apparently learned nothing from the Twitter files." MRC Free Speech America independently verified the censorship. The warning appeared every time MRC Free Speech America clicked the "share" button on Climate Change Dispatch's Facebook account.