Joe Rogan

Sharing Restriction

Joe Rogan says Twitter blocked his attempt to send a private message which included a link to a video about ivermectin: Joe Rogan said in an episode of his wildly popular podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience" that Twitter blocked his attempt to send a video about ivermectin via a direct message to one of his friends. "You know I tried to send a friend of mine a video the other day on Twitter through a direct message and it was blocked," Rogan said. "I was asking him if this was accurate, and it was a doctor who's talking about ivermectin ... a treatment for COVID," Rogan continued. "So I send it. It — message not sent. I try to send it again. Message not sent. I'm like 'oh my god, what's your email?'" Twitter prohibits any sharing of links to videos from BitChute, a YouTube alternative, on its platform. This could have been the reason Rogan's private message would not send. Twitter's policy also states that "False or misleading information about the efficacy and/or safety of preventative measures," such as ivermectin, will be removed from its platform.