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Excerpt from: Over the Target? Glenn Beck Says Apple Silenced His Program for ‘Issues’

By: Gabriela Pariseau

Blaze Media founder and popular radio host Glenn Beck said that Apple Podcasts removed his show because of “issues,” whatever that means.

Beck posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) on August 16 saying that Apple Podcasts had removed his show The Glenn Beck Program from its platform meaning that all past episodes of the show can no longer be found on the platform, and for the time being, no future episodes can be uploaded. “I cannot imagine what they are basing this one on,” he said, later adding that “there is nothing we have said that would warrant any removal.” The extremely vague notice Beck received simply noted that Apple "found an issue with your show The Glenn Beck Program, which must be resolved before it's available on Apple Podcasts,” according to a screenshot Beck posted.

He further emphasized that he was given no reason and no way of obtaining an explanation from Apple Podcasts. “They sent us a link and said for more details go to the link and the link only says you have been removed from Apple podcasts. Well, we got that one dummy," he said.

The podcast host predicted that Apple will eventually identify the “issue” as a supposed “glitch.” “It's probably just a 'glitch' but it's amazing how we have to have a whole bunch of people point out the 'glitch'  before the 'glitch' is found and it's put back,” he said. Beck later added, “I think the closer and closer we get to this election, the more and more 'glitches' are going to happen.”

Beck said that situations like these highlight the need for a parallel economy of free speech platforms and media like The Blaze. “This is why it is so important to get Blaze TV. Because we're not playing this game. We don't censor anybody,” Beck added.

Beck later tweeted, “I have a feeling these ‘issues’ with @Apple and others will keep happening the more we’re over the target.”