Andy Ngo


Writer Andy Ngo said SoundCloud banned his podcast from its audio streaming platform: SoundCloud, an online audio distribution platform and music sharing website based in Germany, reportedly banned writer and editor Andy Ngo's podcast "Things You Should Ngo with Andy Ngo" for purportedly "being dedicated to violating" the platform's community guidelines and terms of service, according to The Post Millennial. "@SoundCloud has permanently banned me & my podcast @YouShouldNgo," tweeted Ngo. "In an email, it says I violated its community guidelines without naming the alleged offending content." SoundCloud indicated in its email to Ngo that once an account violates its terms, "all accounts, tracks, and followers are banned from returning to the site," Fox News reported. SoundCloud has not yet publicly acknowledged its removal of Ngo's podcast from its platform, according to Fox News.