Heather Moon
MRC Free Speech America Senior Researcher

Heather Moon is a Senior Researcher for the Media Research Center’s Free Speech America division. She previously wrote for The Resurgent. She has a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Liberty University, as well as a Master’s of Library Science from Texas Woman’s University.

Heather Moon, Gabriela Pariseau | November 28, 2023


The year 2024 has not yet begun, but election-interfering censorship is well underway as Big Tech companies have already censored every presidential candidate. 

Big Tech manipulated the message of all 2024…

Heather Moon | August 22, 2023

OpenAI recently made the case that its GPT-4 product should be used for so-called “content moderation.” And that just means more censorship.

GPT-4 is OpenAI’s most advanced version of its large language model, also known as an AI…

Heather Moon | August 18, 2023

In a bold twist, Twitter’s Community Notes censored Elon Musk and had the gall to tell him what he can and cannot do with his own platform. 

Community Notes, the crowdsourced fact-checking system for X (formerly known as Twitter)…

Heather Moon | August 3, 2023

Big Tech’s continued censorship of free speech on platforms creates real-world harm, not just to the users being censored, but to anyone who should have seen the censored messages. Nowhere is that more clear than when Big Tech platforms either…

Heather Moon | June 8, 2023

The Oversight Board for Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta plans to announce three abortion-related posts that have been censored, looking at whether pro-abortion Meta platforms are stifling debate about the issue. But it doesn’t require…

Heather Moon | May 26, 2023

Anti-free speech Big Tech platform LinkedIn has already interfered in the 2024 presidential election.

Last week, Microsoft-owned platform LinkedIn silenced Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy over his statements on climate…