Catherine Salgado
Contributing Writer/Contractor

Catherine Salgado is a Contributing Writer and former Staff Writer/Researcher with MRC Free Speech America. She also has a column, Washington's Bayonette, on The Rogue Review and her own SubStack newsletter, Pro Deo et Libertate. Catherine previously wrote for The National Pulse and is a graduate of Christendom College with a degree in Classical Languages and Theology. She received the Andrew Breitbart MVP award for August 2021 from The Rogue Review.

Catherine Salgado | June 11, 2024

Podcast host Tucker Carlson critiqued tech giant Google’s oppressive policies against free speech.

In a new interview with The Federalist, Carlson expressed his satisfaction at being set to do a live arena tour in 15 cities, precisely…

Catherine Salgado | June 7, 2024

The latest Twitter Files expose how a social media movement promoting an exodus from the Democratic party was falsely labeled as Russian propaganda and censored.

Actor Brandon Straka founded the “#Walkaway” online movement for Democrats…

Catherine Salgado | June 6, 2024

As some Americans celebrated the end of the school year in May, many social media users unfortunately graduated from Big Tech’s school of censorship.

Google, Meta, X and TikTok all continued to engage in censorship this month, with…

Catherine Salgado | June 3, 2024

A legacy media outlet is doubling down on its leftward political lurch by pushing businesses to apply the draconian speech controls employed by social media giants to online shopping, dating, reviews and more.

Forbes, the outlet that once…

Catherine Salgado | May 31, 2024

An organization repeatedly funded by leftist billionaire George Soros is pressuring Big Tech to target free speech after the guilty verdict against Donald Trump.

Maya Wiley, president and CEO of the coalition the Leadership Conference on…

Catherine Salgado | May 30, 2024

Google researcher Dr. Robert Epstein gave the Texas State Senate a crash course in the nefarious election interference that Big Tech has been using to manipulate U.S. politics for years.

Epstein told the Texas State Senate Committee on…