You Are Here Podcast


YouTube removes 2 videos and gives You Are Here podcast two strikes, reverses course after CensorTrack asked the platform why it took action: A new BlazeTV podcast, You Are Here hosted by Elijah Schaffer and Sidney Watson, posted its ninth episode to YouTube on Monday, September 20. In the episode, Schaffer and Watson discussed the potential social and psychological harms child masking could cause and the lack of evidence to support child masking as an effective measure to prevent deaths due to COVID-19. YouTube removed the full podcast episode and a clip from the episode according to both Schaffer and YouTube. Schaffer also said in an Instagram video that YouTube gave the channel two strike infractions, which usually prevents a channel's ability to upload, post, or live stream for two weeks. Such a penalty is unusual for a brand new channel as YouTube's Community Guidelines typically allow for a warning strike and two additional strikes within a 90 day period before a third strike would remove a channel from the platform entirely. MRC's CensorTrack contacted YouTube asking why it took such action and the next day YouTube partially reversed its penalty on the You Are Here podcast account. Schaffer tweeted that the channel's two strikes were reduced to a warning and that YouTube reinstated the clip it had previously removed. According to YouTube, the platform rightly removed the full episode in accordance with its COVID-19 misinformation policies, but it removed the clip in error.