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Fact Check

Facebook fact-checks clip of Tucker Carlson’s video on food shortages and food crises: Tucker Carlson Tonight posted a video of Carlson discussing Biden’s statements at a press conference. Biden said that Russian sanctions were “morally necessary” but would lead to food shortages, essentially guaranteeing a food crisis. Carlson also discussed how, when the video clip of Biden’s statements went viral, Facebook censored videos and labelled them “false news.” Shortly afterward, two major food processing facilities were destroyed when private planes crashed. Chickens also began to produce fewer eggs. Carlson’s video caption read, “Farmers have noticed something odd: their chickens aren't laying eggs. They don't appear sick with avian flu; they're not dying. What's causing it? Some have concluded their chicken feed is responsible.” Facebook placed a warning message on the post. The label said, “Partly false information Checked by independent fact-checkers.” Facebook also linked to the Politifact article, “Is chicken feed being sabotaged in an elaborate plot? No, these claims are unfounded.” Politifact asserted that Avian flu is primarily to blame. According to the article, “There is no evidence that chicken feed is being sabotaged or affecting the number of eggs that backyard hens are laying, poultry science experts said.” However, the article did not present any specific evidence for its statements.