Tucker Carlson Tonight

Fact Check

Facebook fact-checks clip of Tucker Carlson’s video on the source of COVID: Tucker Carlson Tonight posted a video of Carlson discussing a report from the Department of Energy, which showed intelligence that COVID did not occur naturally but was manufactured in a Chinese military lab. Carlson also discussed the Biden Administration’s lack of transparency about COVID. The video caption read, “The origins of covid were never a secret. The real story — the greatest outrage — is that the people who knew or should have known the truth lied about it in order to hide the Chinese government’s role in mass murder.” Facebook placed a warning message on the post. The label said, “Missing context Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people.” Facebook also included a link to the Politifact article entitled, “New reports show backing for lab leak theory, but government agencies remain divided.” The article claimed that the Department of Energy made its “finding with ‘low consequence.’” However, nothing in the article actually contradicted or disproved anything Tucker discussed in his video. At the time of writing, the fact-check warning label remained in place.