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Fact Check

Facebook fact-checks clip of Tucker Carlson's Jan. 6 segment: Tucker Carlson Tonight shared a clip of Tucker Carlson's show where he discussed surveillance footage that appeared to show a January 6 capitol riot protestor being peacefully escorted around the Capitol by Capitol police officers. The caption of the video said, "Chuck Schumer wasn't the only politician outraged by our January 6 reporting. He was joined by a cascade of Republicans, including Mitch McConnell." Facebook flagged the post and placed an interstitial over it with the words "Partly false information Checked by independent fact-checkers." Facebook fact-checking partner, PolitiFact, claimed that the footage showing a group of police officers walking closely behind Jacob Chansley showed not a peaceful protest but a de-escalation technique of officers trying to "talk rioters into getting each other to leave the Capitol."

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