Tucker Carlson

Fact Check

post from Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox's Tucker Carlson Tonight, which shared a video of one of Carlson's nightly newscasts covering CDC data that challenged the effectiveness of masks, was rated "Partly False" by one of Facebook's fact checkers and as a result had its distribution across the platform reduced. In the video, Carlson reported that CDC data indicated 85% of people who tested positive for COVID-19 in July reported wearing a mask always or often, thus pointing to the ineffective nature of mask wearing. Science Feedback, the fact-checking organization that levied the ruling, said Carlson's reasoning was flawed because the study Carlson alluded to "is not related to mask effectiveness, but is simply the result of the fact that the study included many more people who wear masks." The fact-check also said an underlying assumption of Carlson's claim that the intended function of masks is to protect the wearer from infection is untrue and rather the purpose of wearing a masks is to reduce the spread of infection.