Team Trump

Community Notes

Twitter community adds a context note to Team Trump tweetTeam Trump, the official account for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, tweeted, "COVID Tyrants want to take away our Freedom. Hear my words - WE WILL NOT COMPLY." The tweet included a 90 second video of Donald Trump expanding on this thought, complaining that a new COVID variant will be used to justify "illegal" changes to the next presidential election as was done in the last one, and promising that he will revoke funding for entities that impose a mask mandate if he is re-elected. Twitter added a label to the post that read "Readers added context they thought people might want to know.” The added context read "The Trump Administration along with other federal agencies began the lockdown and social distancing rules in 2020… President Trump issued national guidelines that included closing schools and avoiding bars, restaurants and groups of more than 10…” The label is part of Twitter’s Community Notes system. Twitter users are able to sign up as contributors to add context to tweets.