Steve Deace

Fact Check

Facebook embarrassingly places a "Fact Check" interstitial over link to Steve Deace Parler page: In what is surely an embarrassing display for Facebook, it has completely missed the mark in its efforts to censor Steve Deace's promotion of his own Parler page. He made a post encouraging his 340,000 followers to join him on Parler, including a link to his Parler page. Facebook placed a "Fact Check" interstitial over the link preview, calling it "False Information." When a user clicks to find out why, Facebook presents as evidence a Lead Stories fact check article titled "Fake News: Malia Obama NOT Arrested Again, NO Complete Media Blackout." It is unclear what is not factual about a link to Deace's Parler page. Per Facebook's own policy, the platform ensures fewer people see posts with a fact-check interstitial "by surfacing fact-check articles to users across our platforms and showing labels on top of false stories."