The Resurgent

Fact Check

Facebook puts an embarrassingly irrelevant "fact-check" on third Bill O'Reilly video in two weeks: Conservative news site The Resurgent posted a short video of Bill O'Reilly talking about the current border crisis and how Biden is worse on immigration than Obama was. Facebook placed a "fact-check" interstitial over this video, calling it False and forcing users to click through the filter in order to view the video. However, the "fact-check" article that was used for this interstitial is an AFP article from November 4, 2020 titled "Nevada has not stopped counting votes." This has absolutely nothing to do with the video that it was used to censor. This is the third time in two weeks that Facebook has used this exact faulty "fact-check" on a Bill O'Reilly video posted on The Resurgent's page.