Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY)


YouTube deletes congresswoman's press conference announcing lawsuit against New York mayor's 'vaccine passports' for businesses: Video of a press conference during which New York congresswoman Rep. Nicole Malliotakis announced a lawsuit against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's "vaccine passport" plan for the city was temporarily removed by YouTube. "I'm the latest victim of big tech censorship," Rep. Malliotakis said in an Aug. 12 tweet. "@YouTube removed the video of my press conference announcing our lawsuit against @NYCMayor's vaccine passport claiming it 'violates community guidelines.' My office reached out to @YouTube asking why & all we've heard back is crickets." The video was eventually reinstated, but YouTube reportedly did not explain why it took it down in the first place. YouTube has a carve out in its COVID-19 policy that provides a few select exceptions for content violating its misinformation guidelines. The exceptions include “content showing an open public forum, like a protest or public hearing,” as long as the content “does not aim to promote misinformation that violates [YouTube’s] policies.” YouTube reportedly told The Washington Post last week that it would be adding exceptions for “videos of school board or town hall meetings, where the intention isn’t to promote misinformation.”