President Jair Bolsonaro

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YouTube deletes videos posted by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro: YouTube reportedly took down multiple videos uploaded by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's channel for violating the platform's policies around so-called COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. One video that was taken down was reportedly a "live address" given by Bolsonaro, which included him reportedly promoting "using indigenous teas and unproven drugs, such as chloroquine, to fight the virus," according to The Washington Post. Another video that was reportedly taken down included "former health minister Eduardo Pazuell" who, according to The Washington Post, "falsely compared the coronavirus to HIV/AIDS, the BBC reported." Bolsonaro's channel on YouTube shares weekly national addresses and has been a big part of Bolsonaro's media outreach in his country. YouTube is the "2nd largest destination for consumption" of videos in Brazil, and according to The New York Times "played an important role in Mr. Bolsonaro’s rise to power" in Brazil.