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YouTube removes Not the Bee video about alleged Nashville shooter manifesto

Louder with Crowder host Steven Crowder obtained several pages of the alleged manifesto of Audrey Hale, a biological woman who identified as a man and killed six—including children—at a Christian elementary school in March. Not the Bee created a video discussing the manifesto titled "If the LEAKED Nashville Shooter Manifesto is legit, what does it say about censorship in the US?" This video was uploaded to the Not the Bee YouTube channel. Similar to what happened when Crowder posted a video about the manifesto on his own YouTube channel, YouTube purportedly removed the video, citing its "violent criminal organizations policy" according to a screenshot shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Bee CEO Seth Dillon. 

When asked about the removal of Crowder's video, a YouTube spokesperson asserted to MRC Free Speech America the censorship was “consistent” with past actions, “Our Community Guidelines prohibit linking to content containing manifestos from individuals who have committed violent attacks, including the tragic event that took place in Nashville Tennessee in February of 2023.” The shooting itself took place in March. A video remains on YouTube from Qatar’s state outlet Al Jazeera, featuring a representative of terrorist organization Hamas discussing his group’s charter. Hamas has killed thousands of Israelis over the years.

Adapted from YouTube Censors Steven Crowder After He Exposed Nashville School Shooter Manifesto by Catherine Salgado